Our Story

Downtown Moneta at Smith Mountain Lake started with a love for the past. The original town of Moneta disappeared when the bypass took traffic in another direction. While the deli, general store, and other quaint little shops went out of business, their spirits survived. Our goal was to rebuild the town and surround it with old fashioned single-family homes, townhomes, apartments and other features that return to a traditional, quaint, homey neighborhood. The idea came to fruition with a trip to Celebration in Orlando, Florida, and Burkedale near Charlotte, North Carolina. These communities showed just how a traditional neighborhood development could enhance the area and revive old Moneta.

A variety of retail shops and offices have already committed to making Downtown Moneta home. If you can see your future in a community that returns to the best of the past, give us a call today.



inquiries may be directed to Lyons Team Realtors by calling 540-297-7777.


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